Disorder by Dan DeWeese

Disorder by Dan DeWeese

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"No one writes about males and conflict avoidance better...You need a straight-backed chair and a bourbon to read it." —James Bernard Frost, author of A Very Minor Prophet

"DeWeese's stories are as thoughtfully crafted as the buildings they frequently describe. And like extracting meaning from the shape of a building, reading these stories is an exercise in examining the relation of form to function: the walls are sound, the roof keeps the rain off, but there's meaning beyond the purely functional." —Alison Hallett, The Portland Mercury

"Between the lines of DeWeese’s stories are entire novels—busted relationships, custody battles, children lost—but DeWeese only gives us the aftermath, the banter of the victims at a paint store." —The Oregon Book Club


Dan DeWeese's novel, You Don't Love This Man, was a finalist for the Ken Kesey Award for Fiction and a winner of Late Night Library's "Debut-litzer" Prize. His fiction has appeared in publications including Tin HouseNew England ReviewWashington Square, and The Normal School, and he is Editor-in-Chief of Propeller. He lives in Portland, Oregon.