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No Impeccable Self to Reach

By Catherine Johnson
In The Collected Schizophrenias, Esmé Weijun Wang challenges readers not only to participate in recreating how our culture treats and understands mental illness, but to explore some of our most basic assumptions about identity and suffering.


By Joshua James Amberson
Google “street photographers” and you’ll notice a common thread: regardless of which sections of the population they’re known for photographing, they’re almost uniformly white. And largely men. In the top ten search results, there are only two women and one—Vivian Maier—has only become known in the past decade, years after her death. In the top forty results, there are only three people of color.

Two Thousand, Five Hundred and Two Books to Read or Die Trying

By Matthew Hein
Those who harbor guilt over incomplete assignments from their formal educations—Frankenstein, Our Mutual Friend, Dante’s Paradiso—hardly need new assignments. But Mustich’s book, pleasingly designed by Janet Vicario, offers something special: pretty pictures. They’re well-chosen: sexy author portraits, cool first-edition covers, and pages of hand-corrected drafts.