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They Can’t Touch Us

By Marlena Williams
Beneath its surface, The Entity is a film about sexual violence and the ways in which society silences the women who experience it, while keeping the men who perpetuate it hidden from view.

Eating Flies

By Carol Fischbach
Getting to a place where I considered my body a sacred space was difficult after being raised Catholic and having an angry, depressed mother. Mostly, I just knew that I didn’t want to swallow a fly.

Inside the Civility Cage

By Patrick McGinty
There is nothing multi-faceted about Keith Burris’s singular mission: to shove the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s editorial page to the ideological right at the behest of John Robinson Block, the Trump-fascinated owner of Block Communications. Burris’s authorial contributions and his managerial decisions have—at least twice, probably three times—nationally disgraced the paper and city at-large.

Milk and Motherhood

By Sheila Heti and Dorothea Lasky
The novelist Sheila Heti and the poet Dorothea Lasky spoke over email for several weeks about their new books, Motherhood (Henry Holt) and Milk (Wave Books). Heti is the author of seven previous books, including the 2012 novel How Should a Person Be? which was a New York Times Notable Book and was called by Time magazine “one of the most talked-about books of the year.” Lasky is the author of four previous full-length collections of poetry, including ROME (Liveright/W.W. Norton) and Thunderbird, Black Life, and AWE, all from Wave Books.