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Venus in Rain

By Lisa Sibbett
Among all the woodenly significant short stories I was asked to read in junior high and high school, a few stand out as authentically awesome, non-wooden exceptions: a Donald Justice poem here, an excerpt from Slaughterhouse-Five there, and Ray Bradbury’s “All Summer in a Day,” which, oh my God.


By Alex Behr
The only ways in which my girlfriends liked sci-fi were if they could boyfriend the main character: Kirk; Spock—what was the option in Ultraman?

The Tripods

By Rachel Greben
Science fiction at its best presents a heightened state of human possibility and peril, and reading it as a child provided architecture for my soul, along with a promise that growing up would be harrowing and fraught with danger.

Homunculi of the Mind

By Lucas Bernhardt
When Paul Linebarger wasn’t busy practicing psychological warfare, he wrote fiction under the name Cordwainer Smith—much of it set in a far, far future he may or may not have believed he’d visited.