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No Impeccable Self to Reach

By Catherine Johnson
In The Collected Schizophrenias, Esmé Weijun Wang challenges readers not only to participate in recreating how our culture treats and understands mental illness, but to explore some of our most basic assumptions about identity and suffering.

Beyond Fixed Boundaries

By Catherine Johnson
Inheritance is less about what we inherit genetically and more about how stories of family lineage not only shape notions of identity and what it means to know oneself, but the stability of that identity and knowledge.

A Symphony of Voices

By Catherine Johnson
“The stories we tell about our own lives, to others but especially to ourselves, we tell in order to make our lives livable,” writes Maria Popova in her new book, Figuring. At its core this book is precisely that: a beautifully woven collage of stories about how we tell stories. How we construct the narratives of individuals and humanity at large in order to make our relative millisecond of existence worthwhile.